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With Fire-Track companies choose one sustainable fire safety solution for their electrification needs.

  • Temperature monitoring
  • Tracking
  • (Geo) Location determination
  • Alarms
  • Monitoring by web application

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Your leading vehicle monitoring solution!

Our innovative Fire-Track system, in combination with several advanced sensors, allows you to monitor lithium-ion battery packs vehicles with unparalleled precision and reliability.


Fire-Track uses advanced sensors specifically designed to collect a wide range of data, including temperature, humidity and more. These sensors allow us to collect and analyze real-time data, giving you in-depth insight into the health of your vehicles and battery packs.


With our Fire-Track system you can track the location of your vehicles anytime, anywhere.

Whether your vehicles are driving on the road, sailing on the water or flying in the air, Fire-Track provides accurate and reliable traceability, so you have complete peace of mind.


Our cloud-based platform allows you to effortlessly access all collected data from any internet-enabled device.

Whether you are in the office or on the road, you always have real-time access to crucial information about your vehicles and battery packs.


In the event of an emergency or disaster involving your vehicles, Fire-Track provides immediate alerts and notifications.

Our system automatically detects anomalous patterns and immediately shares the vehicle’s characteristics and location so you can take quick action

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Why choose Fire-Track?

Fire-Track offers a proven track record of reliability and accuracy. You can rest assured that your vehicles and battery packs are safely monitored, even in the most demanding environments.


Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, Fire-Track can be customized to meet your specific needs and requirements. Our modular system can be customized and expanded to meet your growing business needs.


We strive to provide excellent customer service.

Our team of experts are always ready to support and guide you, whether it is installation, training or ongoing support.

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Customer case

Rotterdam The Hague Airport

Risk management of electrification E-GPU
Mobile charging units for aircraft, the E-GPU
Equipped with: Fire-Track solution

  • Wireless fire protection;
  • Stand-alone and autonomous solution;
  • Temperature monitoring;
  • 2 independent sensors;
  • (Geo) Location determination;
  • Mobile, tablet and desktop alarms;
  • Mobile alarms, including through push notification;
  • Monitoring by web application;
  • API connection with external systems;

”We are very happy with the Fire-Track solution at our airport. It monitors our mobile electrical assets used in the aircraft handling process and, in the event of a possible thermal runway, gives us the time to intervene quickly if necessary.

We can also monitor all movements and conditions remotely.”

S. van der Weg

Manager of installations

Innovation partners

Manufacturers, suppliers, consultants and insurers involved in the development and testing of new innovations in the field of detecting, monitoring and alarming smart fire protection solutions.

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Fire-Track has been specially developed for early detection of your assets with Li-Ion battery packs

With our Fire-Track system, you can monitor the location of your vehicles at any time and from anywhere.

Whether your vehicles are traveling on roads, navigating the waters, or soaring through the skies, Fire-Track provides precise and reliable tracking to ensure your peace of mind. Our cloud-based platform enables you to effortlessly access all collected data from any internet-enabled device.

Whether you’re in the office or on the move, you always have real-time access to essential information about your vehicles and battery packs.

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